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Simon: Welcome to the American Advertising Federation Las Vegas Members Spotlight, where we give our members a chance to talk a little bit about themselves, their careers and talk about their involvement in the Advertising Industry here in Las Vegas. Today we are speaking with Sravani Atluri, marketing director a Farheap Solutions. Sravani, can you tell us a little about what Farheap Solutions does?

Sravani: Farheap Solutions is actually an umbrella. It has multiple brands internally. We have OvernightPrints which is one of our e-commerce brands. We sell print online, from business card to pocket folders.  So you can think about anything that you want to print and we are there for you.

We also have a wholesale retail trade brand which is called Rentapress which is for resellers who are interested in selling print to their clients. Like graphic designers who have a reseller license who would be able to sign up and get wholesale pricing which would be cheaper than it would on So that's the trade site we own and market as well.

We also have a couple of software brands which is specifically related to print. We have InkRouter which is a ABI technology that’s available to connect with print providers and print clients. It's a really interesting piece and it really creates a business model for people who want to get into print.

We have ScissorHands which are cutting edge software. If you're involved in the print world, people who understand how the factories and print and cutting works, its kind a of a software that we Internally say is “an apple in a blackberry world,” if that makes sense.

Then we have DaVinci which is another software brand that we do have which is actually a designer or designing software that we've created for people the be able to go in, edit and create designs without having any kind of photoshop or illustrator design experience. You can design business cards, packaging, and anything that you can think of and also visualize them in 3d, being able to kind of picture what you are going to print. You can almost feel what you are going to print with that software and It's very interesting. So those are the couple of software products that we do currently have. I, as head of marketing at Farheap and Farheap marketing services, help market these products across the United States and Europe.

Simon: Who are your ideal clients? Who are you looking to do business with here in Las Vegas?

Sravani: Our demographics would be a consumer who just got into business and requires help in creating their website, managing their social media, doing some digital advertising or SEO services that we can offer. We are not looking for large clients, I’m not saying that we won't take it, but our immediate target is trying to find the mom and pop shops and small business owners who need help in the digital world while they can focus on building their business up, they can just leave the worrying part of how to market it from a digital perspective to us.

Simon: Wow that is awesome so you are really helping small business owners out there!

Sravani: Exactly. We offer web designing, and we are partners with .com who helps us with out clientele in building websites, etc. We offer SEO packages to small business owners that they can take advantage of. We have a social media strategy. We have designers in-house who can help with any kind of designing services they are interested in. Anything you can think about from a marketing perspective that we can help with in the digital world, to expand your footprint in digital. Everything is digital these days and you have to have a strong presence and we can help build that presence.

Simon: Sravani Atluri, thank you so much for you time. And thank you for listening to this month's member spotlight with Sravani Atluri from Farheap Solutions.  Go check out Far Heap at or you can call them 949-417-1500. All small businesses looking to expand your digital footprint, these are the folks you want to deal with. Farheap Solutions, 949-417-1500, at

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