Name: Jeremy Kadoich  

Current Employer: Lamar Outdoor Advertising

Position: Account Executive

Educational Institution: Pittsburg State (KS)

What are some things you wish you knew or wish someone told you going into college/learning your trade?

I wish I paid more attention to learning how to write more professionally and appropriately for your business. To become a better wordsmith will go a long way. I also wish I would have paid more attention to advertising but I really just focused on marketing instead. It would have been nice to diversify myself in all types of media, as well as pre and post-execution of advertising campaigns.

What are some things you wish you knew completing your education and beginning as a professional?

Don't take it personally. When it comes to sales, some days are bad and some days are good. So you want to learn to stay not too high or too low - just keep an even keel. Keep it cool under pressure and remember: Don’t over celebrate the wins or dwell on the losses.

Is there anything you regret not learning sooner or differently?

I wish I would have been networking earlier in my career. I didn't set time out of my day to interview while in college, until my last semester. Then I just used my brother’s contacts. But I really started later than I needed to really get the connections myself. I had to work harder at establishing those connections after the fact.  

Do you have any advice for the professionals just starting out?

If you are just starting out, you need to go to every event possible and align yourself with a support team - whether that is family or mentors or bosses, you want to start picking at the individuals who are going to be your cabinet. Whether it's personal or professional, It’s still important. Right now I have 5-6 different people I can call for something heavy. Make sure that your team is in place for you, and remember that it is a give and take relationship. Find mentors and build your foundation of core people, preferably people with experience, to lean on when something happens.   



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