Name: Justin Woolard

Current Employer: Crown & Greyhound

Position: Creative Director

Educational Institution: University of Nevada Las Vegas

What are some things you wish you knew or wish someone told you going into college/learning your trade?

Sounds simple, but I wish that someone told me to pay attention a bit more because everything you learn matters. When in college, you can dive in and out of paying attention, but being more focused on where you are headed will help you get the most out of the journey..

What are some things you wish you knew completing your education and beginning as a professional?

I used to be a musician. We got a record deal. And it failed spectacularly. The first thing I realized is the need to have a fall back plan. I always had that fall back plan with my interest in creative design. Also, pay more attention to building connections with everyone you meet. The truth is in life the more people you know, the better off you will be. Don't be a loner, make a lot of friends and it will come in handy.

Is there anything you regret not learning sooner or differently?

I regret not finishing college. I don't think it would have made difference in my career path and success, but I think about not paying attention to certain classes and then finding myself in situations where it would be really helpful. However, I wish I had finished college because if you start somethings should finish it .

Do you have any advice for the professionals just starting out?

Absolutely. I think the most important thing to say is that you are not special. A lot of other people are just as talented. You may feel like you are being taken advantage of at first, but putting in the long hours up front is what you need to do to find success.  Always keep the bigger picture in mind. Don't be afraid to work long hours because it will pay off in the end, but you have to do the work first.



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