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Simon: Welcome to the American Advertising Federation Las Vegas Members Spotlight, here we give our members a chance to talk a little bit about themselves, promote their careers and talk about their involvement in the Advertising Industry here in Las Vegas. Today we're speaking with Ted Lamisere, Ted why don't you tell us a little bit about what you do here in Las Vegas?

Ted: I am a graphic designer here in Las Vegas.  I'm currently with R&R  Partners, some of our clients include LVCVA which is the whole 'What Happens here stays here' brand, and a number of other great clients.

Simon: That's really awesome!  Hey why don't you tell us a little bit about, as a graphic designer, what inspires you to create?

Ted: I of course, really an artist as most of us are as we develop into designers.  So a lot of my inspiration comes from Art, I'm really into music as well.  Honestly I feel theres inspiration really in everything thats around us, weather it be other people.  Just people watching, I get a lot out of that. Converstaions as well spark inspiration, so like I said I really feel like we're surrounded by inspiration it's just a matter of us kind of taking the time to pay attention. 

Simon: Great insight!  So how long have you been with the American Advertising Federation/Ad2 clubs. 

Ted: I've been with the AAF/Ad2 group for about a year or so now.  I'm a recent graduate so the progression from student to professional was kind of a natural progression because as a student I got to work with Ad2 and the AAF a good amount.  So it's kind of like I said, it was a natural progression to join the club and become a board member and just continue to kind of grow and help the club evolve. 

Simon: Thats awesome.  Well, so the question of the decade right? What do you get out of being involved? 

Ted: Well like I said, when I was first introduced to the organization I was a student so I had the opportunity to actually work on the ADDY Magazine.  At the time I was on my way to graduating and the concept I created ended up becoming the cover design and interior pages as well.  So just getting to work on that gave me a real good opportunity to interact with a lot of the board members that I now continue to work with.  As the ADDY Awards show came up locally, that was a great opportunity for my work to be seen on a large scale.  I actually was fortunate enough to win an award that night as well, so that was another testament of something I was able to benefit from by means of the AAF.  Following the local ADDYS I was actually offered a job with R&R Partners where I am currently.  That was within 24 hours and I know that there was really no other way that that would have happened had I not attended the local ADDYS and been affiliated with the group.  I've benefitted tremendously professionally, the relationships I've built in and out of the club by means of the club, and just getting to interact and meet all these different creatives has really benefitted me a great deal.

Simon: Man that is a really great story.  So what would you advise somebody just starting out in there careers, to follow in the same footsteps and have the same kind of success you've had?

Ted: I think my biggest advice would be to really take the time to establish those connections.  Those valuable connections, those genuine connections.  Like I said I've been able to meet a group of increadible people in and out of the organization by means of the AAF so, that I know has helped me professionally, it's helped me as a designer to grow and kind of learn what other designers are doing.  Just being able to bounce ideas off of another creative as well.  Even someone whos maybe not a design creative, someone who is maybe a writer or maybe somene who is on the production side of things.  That really helps me kind of understand full circle, the creative process.  So I think that would be my biggest advice.  As a student, do your most to create those genuine valuable connections early on and that will definatly help in that development process as well.

Simon:  Great advice, theres a common thread in all of these that networking is just so important for developing yourself and your brand.  So Ted where can people check out your work, where can people get to know you better?

Ted: My portfolio site is My social media tag is Ted Talks Design as well, so if you type that on pretty much any social outlet I'll pop up.  Like I said, I love connecting with different people so whoever were to get a chance to listen to this interview I would love to connect with you.  Thats where you can find me.

Simon: Thats awesome Ted, great message thank you so much for the insight.  And thank YOU for joining us on this months member spotlight with Ted Lamisere from R&R Partners.  Hey, the ADDYS are coming up so if you haven't submitted your work yet go ahead and do that.  You got until Jan 29th before any late fees, and this year we're turning it up a notch.  We're having it at the Smith Center for the Performing Arts in the Caberet Jazz room and theres going to be a musical show, then there going to be an afterparty, it's going to be a great time you don't want to miss it!  For more information about how to get involved with the ADDYS either as a Sponsor, or maybe you just want to attend to check it out.  Email me at [email protected]

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