Members Spotlight - Aaron Barnaby from Brain Trust

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Simon: Welcome to the American Advertising Federation Las Vegas Members Spotlight, where we give our members a chance to talk a little bit about themselves, their careers and their involvement in the Advertising Industry here in Las Vegas.


Today we’re speaking with Aaron Barnaby from Brain Trust.


Aaron why don’t you tell us a little bit about what you do here in Las Vegas. 


Aaron:  So I’m a senior graphic designer over at Brain Trust, we’re a full service agency here in Las Vegas.  It’s actually been open for service going on 9 or10 years this year.  We have a bunch of east coast clients, we have some in LA and others in Vegas so we span across nationwide.  I kind of have a hand in at least one client in all of those areas.  I’m also a photographer, I’ve done shoots for client assets as well as pr event coverage.  I’m actually starting to dabble into 3d animation as well with Adobe After Effects. 


Simon:  So Aaron, how long have you been in Advertising and what’s your journey been like so far?


Aaron:  I’ve been in the marketing field professionally for 5 years.  I had freelanced for two addition years on that so 7 years total.  I actually got into design kind of as a twist in fate back in high school.  I went to the Advanced Technologies Academy here in Las Vegas. Thats one of the magnate programs that actually had a program dedicated to graphic design.  I only found out about it after not getting accepted into another magnate program at Rancho High School  which was actually for piloting.  For basically my whole childhood I wanted to be a pilot, I wanted nothing more than to be airborne.  But it didn’t pan out and I ended up getting accepted into the graphics program and I immediately fell in love with it.  With A-Tech we did a lot of focus on videography and video production so that was kind of my introduction into the Adobe software.  I ended up taking that as a career with continued education through the Art Institute, and thats how I became a designer! 


Simon:  Thats great!  And how long have you been involved with the American Advertising Federation? 


Aaron: I’m actually just getting my start with them.  So I joined late last year in 2016.  It’s probably been 3 or 4 months so, I’m still getting acquainted, still kind of getting the ropes on a lot of the programs but it’s been a lot of fun.  A lot of new perspectives on marketing especially in Las Vegas. 


Simon;  So what do you get out of the AAF-LV? 


Aaron:  Like 50 percent networking and 50 additional work.  With Anne it’s design focused, so I’m  able to lend a hand with the creative needs for the chapter.  With networking it’s kind of opening that door to not just be a name on a business card or a website.  I’ve met a lot of my old classmates at the events, so it’s kind of a really great way to staying connected physically as well as getting more exposure for design as well.   Even just getting out to have a drink with someone or a friendly banter conversation, your establishing your interests outside of the office, and especially your personality.  You never really know who your going to meet and with that comes additional employment opportunities, even volunteer work.  So theres so many avenues that networking is going to do for you.  If your ever scared of just saying hello to somebody, just take the leap and do it.  It will benefit you very much so in the long run. 


Simon:  Awesome!  Do you have anything else you’d like to share, maybe some personal projects or something you’ve been working on?


Aaron:  Something that is kind of developing, like I said I do photography.  I’ve recently started a profit page with the site Unsplash which is a creative commons photography source for designers, advertising, basically anybody who loves photography, is looking for something for a piece of work or whatever.  I actually  started being a contributor for them back in June of last year.  Thats been really exciting because outside of posting pictures on Facebook, you don’t really get exposure cause your only posting your pictures for your friends.  Using this Unsplash platform its really an eye opener to just how many people see your stuff just by getting it out there. 


Simon:  Thats really great!  So  where can we go see your photography? 


Aaron:  It’s and my profile is ASBarnaby.  I’ve got random photos up there, a lot of the stuff I focus on is street photography, architecture, because I wanted to be a pilot I have a lot of aeronautics stuff as well. 


Simon: Thank you Aaron for your time, and thank you for listening to this months members spotlight with Aaron Barnaby from Braintrust.  If you’d like to get in touch with Aaron you can email him at [email protected]  If you want any more information about events or club activities, or how to get more involved with the American Advertising Federation here in Las Vegas, email us at [email protected]

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