About Us


For us, Mad Men is more like a documentary than entertainment. Although we don’t drink Scotch at our morning meetings like Don Draper does (usually), we do appreciate the craft and art of what we do as advertising professionals. The American Advertising Federation-Las Vegas (AAFLV) is an organization that’s focused on giving up-and-comers the career support and mentoring they need as rookies, while giving our more seasoned veterans a chance to spill some trade secrets and mold the next generation. We think it’s a pretty great system.

AAFLV is not just about the networking, though; we’re focused on professional development and community connection, too. From recruitment and scholarship opportunities for college students to public service projects and a focus on multiculturalism, AAFLV spends just as much time giving back to the communities that help support our livelihood. We also set time aside to award excellence within our field with awards and other events. 

Just like the rest of the world, advertising is experiencing a trade revolution. AAFLV helps you stay connected so you can change with the times rather than get left behind.


AAF-LV unites Las Vegas’ advertising, marketing and communications professionals to advance our industry, economy and culture through professional development, advocacy and a free exchange of ideas.

AD2LV, Our future bosses:

 Ad2-LV is a club within AAF-LV for members aged 32 and under. Designed for members just starting their career, Ad2-LV caters to this group by providing events that help broaden networks.

We are fervently committed to the evolution of our industry, providing inspiration and resources to develop our industry’s emerging leaders.
We offer a unique platform to get in front of established professionals that you wouldn’t have access to otherwise.
We know that it’s key to support the community that supports us; in this spirit we pour our skill sets into public service projects.


AAF District 15

AAF Las Vegas makes up a part of the 15th district of the
American Advertising Federation.

AAF National

As the unifying voice of advertising, the American Advertising
Federation, headquartered in Washington DC, is the trade
association that represents 50,000 professionals in the advertising
industry.  For more information, visit aaf.org.


Throughout the year we host many events that allow our members to learn from some of the smartest people in the business, while creating a network of talented people who are pulling for them to succeed.

In order to support and promote our local advertising and marketing community, we provide members with the expertise, education, advocacy and networking opportunities that help advance their careers, grow their companies and achieve better results for their clients.

While we maintain a focus on growing our local industry, becoming a member of AAF or Ad2-LV connects you to a nation-wide network of professionals, enabling you to be part of the bigger picture.


There are several benefits of being a member of AAF-LV, including the following:

  • Monthly AAF-LV E-Newsletter 
  • Inclusion in the AAF-LV online membership directory 
  • Discounted reservation rates for professional development events and annual ADDY® [American Advertising] Awards show
  • Discounted ADDY® Awards competition entry fees
  • Monthly professional networking mixers
  • Promotional opportunities for your business
  • Access to the National AAF - leading industry executives and opinion makers - communications and news briefs
  • Mentoring and student scholarship opportunities
  • Diversity Projects
  • Networking and volunteer opportunities