Q&A Corner with Aaron Barnaby from BRAINTRUST

• Name

Aaron Barnaby

• Current Employer


• Position

Senior Graphic Designer

• Educational Institution 

Advanced Technologies Academy (A-Tech), Magnet Program – Graphic Design

The Art Institute of Las Vegas, Bachelor of Science, Graphic Design + Photography

• What are some things you wish you knew or wish someone told you going into college/learning your trade? -

The importance of networking is probably the biggest thing I didn’t know going in. Throughout high school I already got exposure to other creatives, but it didn’t compare to those in college. Those students would be my colleagues AND competition. That took awhile to learn the difference, and the similarities. Today, I stay in touch with virtually everyone I’ve worked or studied with at some point, and as a result, opportunities pop up where those references lead to potential work or benefits. 

• What are some things you wish you knew completing your education and beginning as a professional?

The scale of local marketing communities. I’ve found that nearly everyone I work with or have worked with knows at least one other person in the community. We really are connected and you never know who knows whom. This is remarkably important for maintaining a constant professional demeanor and reputation; it’s a relatively small world.

• Is there anything you regret not learning sooner or differently? 

Motion. It’s something I’ve always had interest in, but never really applied to my professional career. Only recently (within the last two years) have I really started to pay attention to different platforms and see how other designers/agencies were enhancing their deliverables through animation and video. It’s so easy anymore to catch someone’s attention online or through social media with a non-static display, and it really is a strong future (if not current) element to marketing.

• Do you have any advice for the professionals just starting out?

Never stop learning, practicing, or researching. It’s very easy to get caught up in a workflow that gets the job done, but there is typically always another way that’s even better. The other side of this is that by finding new techniques or trends, or even other skill sets, you are only going to better yourself and your career. A lot of agencies today are seeking candidates that are multi-faceted, and this is a surefire way to stand out.

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