December Members Spotlight

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Simon: Welcome to the American Advertising Federation Las Vegas Members Spotlight, where we give our members a chance to talk a little bit about themselves, their careers and their involvement in the Advertising Industry here in Las Vegas.  

Today we’re speaking with Anne Tso, Anne why don't you tell us a little about where you work and what you do.

Anne: So I work at Wheat Creative, we're a boutique agency located in Anthem.  We basically cater to franchise companies so we do franchise marketing and I am the Senior Art Director there.

Simon: Thats really great!  So how long have you been with the American Advertising Federation?  

Anne: I started with AAF just a little over 2 years ago when Glenn Scott was the former president of AAF.  He got us all involved so thats where I got my initial start.  Glenn was really great at including us in all of the AAF events and in the organization itself.  He made sure that we were always aware of what was going on in the community and always encouraged us to be involved so thats kind of how everything came about for me. 

Simon: So what have you gotten out of being involved with AAF up to this point? 

Anne: Before I really wasn't into the networking scene, I always shyed away from it and wasn't really involved in the community but after going to a couple of events at Brand Beers and learning more from Glenn and Andres about the AAF organiation.  It just became easier and easier to talk to people, make connections and most importantly, figure out how we can help each other in the community.  For example, if someone needs a job, you can always refer them to somebody within the AAF Organization who could possilby help them out. 

Simon: So lets talk a little bit about Wheat Creative.  What do you guys and where can people go to see your work? 

Anne: is our website.  You can see all of the services we provide to our clients and theres a great portfolio section that shows what we can do in terms of web development, design, we also do traditional print.  We're pretty much a full house agency that can service anyones needs but we do speacialize in B2B marketing, so anyone looking for those services can visit our websites and check us out. 

Simon: Awesome, and any message for anybody who might want to get more involved with the American Advertising Federation?

Anne: If anyone is interested in sponsorships, corporate sponsorships or just personal weather it might be co-hositng a brand beers or any other type of event where they might think that the community might get more invovled- I'd love to hear from them.  They can contact me at

Simon: Thank you for joining us on this months members spotlight with Anne Tso from Wheat Creative.  If you want any more information about events or club activities, or how to get more involved with the American Advertising Federation here in Las Vegas, email us at 


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